Loungeron is a service for beach managers that allows them to identify which lounges are occupied, available or unavailable.

🏖 Via Loungeron, the manager can remotely control an occupancy of the beach and keep it open at any time:
- how many loungers are occupied on the beach now
- how many people visit the beach every day
- which loungers are reserved, free or broken, and in which row they are located.

Today, such an approach is as vital as ever. In fact, the recent events make serious modifications to the work of the beaches, or they can lead them to nothing. Loungeron allows you to control the occupancy of the beach, and as a result, it does not lead to a critical number. Moreover, it has a well-ordered list and accurate statistics of the beach area in one addendum, which is useful for use.

This is a vital necessity, during the pandemic, when social distance is no longer a recommendation, but a must have. Through Loungeron the risk of exposure is reduced, because it becomes possible to regulate the distance between visitors and monitor the occupancy of the beach.

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